had written “If I die like Epstein it will not be my fault”

had written “If I die like Epstein it will not be my fault”
had written “If I die like Epstein it will not be my fault”

Spain: John McAfee, founder of the McAfee company and creator of the first antivirus, was found suicidal dead in his cell in Barcelona. The billionaire was arrested last October for tax evasion during an attempted escape to Turkey.

It was not the first time he had escaped the authorities, in Belize, a country on the east coast of Central America, he was accused of murder and even in that case he had emigrated abroad to avoid ending up in prison.

John McAfee’s suicide case reopens the debate on sanity of man. According to several witnesses who lived near the British businessman, naturalized American, the man suffered from delusions of persecution e paranoia. Disorders that have worsened over time and that McAfee “justified” because of investigations into him.

There are those who thank him for his work in programming, those who denounce McAfee’s life as excessive and dangerous, those who exalt him as a hero. In these hours many of his followers (there is a cult about him in the United States) are sharing an old tweet in which John McAfee let it be known that in case he was found dead it wouldn’t have been suicide, like Epstein’s.

Was John McAfee killed by the US government?

Could the British businessman John McAfee being assassinated by the government of the United States of America? This is the guess that his followers or conspiracy fanatics are trying to fuel in these first hours since the discovery of the lifeless body.

A post from October 15, 2020, written by one of his collaborators, is at the center of the conspiracy analysis. According to the McAfee theory would have been killed and the proof would lie precisely in this series of comments, written on Twitter over the years, in which the man claims to be persecuted. One in particular, the one quoted above on October 15, clearly states: “Know that if I hang myself, like Epstein, it won’t be my fault”.

What lies behind these posts and tweets will remain a secret guarded by McAfee, but in the United States, where there are already multiple dossiers on the life of the entrepreneur, there is clearly a discussion of a trigger for this suicidal act: the delusions of persecution and paranoia increased over time. John McAfee, in addition to being described as a charismatic man, was also considered “strange”. According to various witnesses, his behavior was “paranoid and often not very legal”.

For example, to escape incarceration for tax evasion for which he was legally prosecuted by the United States, he had moved to other countries, eventually arriving in Belize. There he had a huge villa built, in which he lived with his own armed militia made up of local criminals and prostitutes. After the death of his dogs, for which he accused the neighbors, he would have commanded one of his men to execute the neighbor. Belizean authorities formally charged him with murder, but McAfee escaped once again.

John McAfee and delusional persecutory disorder

Many have considered McAfee to be a person with delusional disorders.

He himself states, in some audio available on The Atlantic dating back to November 21, 2012, which may not be quite polished. All the events previously described, plus the ex-wife’s denunciation of sexual violence and the stories of the workers around him reveal ailments never followed by a specialist.

Similar disorders, which for simplicity we will call “paranoid” and “persecutory”, may have been fueled and magnified by the use and abuse of drugs.

John McAfee he used almost all available drugs and had a recognized problem of alcohol abuse. According to some American commentators, McAfee’s death is very similar to that of his father, who was also an alcoholic and committed suicide.

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