Gb: stop advertising junk food on TV before 9pm – Last Hour

(ANSA) – LONDON, JUN 24 – The British government of Boris Johnson today formalized the presentation of a bill that from 2023 will prohibit the television advertising of food products or the most caloric beverages (junk food, or junk food) before of 21 as part of the battle against the growing plague of obesity in the UK, especially childhood obesity.

The measure is one of the toughest in the world on the subject and, according to calculations, could result in losses of 600 million pounds per year for industries by sector and lost advertising revenues of around 200 million for broadcasters such as ITV, Cannel 4, Channel 5 or Sky. The text has also been lighter than the one originally circulated a year ago and that the food and publishing industries had criticized as being excessively draconian, with some exemptions and the exclusion of some specific products from the call.

Johnson has personally become a champion of health and the fight against obesity, particularly after last year’s dramatic ICU hospitalization for Covid. And in recent months he has repeatedly touted not only the importance of physical exercise, but also the beneficial effects of his renewed diet: among other things, supervised by his young third wife, Carrie Symonds. (HANDLE).


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