The clash explodes: the Vatican thunders against the Zan Bill. Has the Church of Bergoglio stopped obeying?

And finally, after a long silence, even the Vatican seems to have suddenly awakened. And he began to express, better late than never, his firm opposition to the liberticide ddl Zan, going so far as to assert that it violates the Concordat. Indeed, the lack of timeliness of the Church of Rome, which so far has preferred to remain silent, is surprising. Or better, “to obey”, according to a non-innocent verb used several times improperly – if we consider the role – da Pope francesco. Immediately there was, as expected, the rising of shields of the left rainbows, that is, the standard bearers of progressive neoliberalism which, as required by capital, breaks down every ethical, political, moral and of course also religious barrier capable of curbing the omnidirectional spread of commodity form and related economic fanaticism.

Particularly approved by most, it seems, was the voice of the globalist musician Fedez, for some time now crowned as the new champion of the left LTZ who have abandoned the glorious hammer and sickle for the rainbow of mass consumerist individualization. We know that the fuchsia lefts are today only attentive to the third sex and sworn enemies of the fourth estate. Fedez said his, not very original indeed, about the “Vatican that does not pay taxes”: it would have been interesting to hear him say similar things about e-commerce multinationals, but unfortunately on that front, except for error, his voice was not heard.

I state that I believe i Lateran Pacts the first nefarious transfer of sovereignty by our State (and I mean knowingly transfer and not limitation). Moreover, both Giovanni Gentile and Antonio Gramsci said it much better than I did. That said, it is a masterpiece of Orwellian thought to see the same people who continually accept the interference of the European Union in national life now complain about the interference by the Vatican on the subject of the Zan bill.

Indeed, there would be no need to disturb faith and religious auctoritas to deconstruct with the docile force of reason, as we have tried several times to do, the absurd liberticidal construct on which the Zan bill is based. hidden behind the varnish of the fight against discrimination – a very just fight and already widely foreseen by the Constitution -, there is the will to impose by decree and with the criminalization of dissenters the new erotic order of genderist pansexualism.

The new world order produces in its own image and likeness a new erotic order. In short, with the Zan bill it is not a question of sacrosanct defense of rights against discrimination, but of the violent imposition of a way of thinking with respect to which there is no possibility of dissent, under penalty of being punished with draconian penalties. Now, that even the Church of Bergoglio has awakened from the lethargic silence can only please. We only ask ourselves why the position has come so late and, above all, we ask ourselves if the Church of Rome will be able to keep the point or, as in 2013, will once again choose the path of its own suicide, of its own dissolution in the nihilistic relativism of consumer civilization. Here it will appear its ennobled.

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