Total clash on the Zan bill, the fight breaks out between Borgonovo and Murgia – Il Tempo

Total clash on the Zan bill, the fight breaks out between Borgonovo and Murgia – Il Tempo
Total clash on the Zan bill, the fight breaks out between Borgonovo and Murgia – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

June 23, 2021

The fight breaks out in Lilli Gruber’s living room. The talk show of the access prime time of La 7 opens the episode on Wednesday 23 June with the words in the Senate by Mario Draghi about the Zan Bill: “I want to say just one thing, without going into the merits. Ours is a secular state, Parliament is free to discuss, we are not in a confessional state ”. Obviously, the topic on the presenter’s table are the notes raised by the Vatican regarding the bill against homostransphobia, which would violate the Concordat with the Italian state. The clash ignites between Francesco Borgonovo, the signature of La Verità and the writer Michela Murgia. The hypothesis of a change to the text has not yet been excluded, on this the Murgia: “The law establishes that homophobic, transphobic towards disabled people and women because it also deals with misogyny is treated as a discrimination. What we do not want to be written is that these categories suffer discrimination there is a whole part of the world that says that it is not true and that it does not occur. When the phenomenon is denied, it is not desired that there is a law that certifies it. When they say they want to change the text, they actually want to stop the law ”.

To respond to the words of the leftist writer is the journalist of La Verità: “There are already the legislative instruments to punish these crimes. Nobody says there is no such discrimination. The problem is the introduction to gender identity which effectively erases sexual difference and establishes a very problematic fluidity at the legislative level. It is also ridiculous in terms of writing that women are equated with the minority because they are not a minority. In addition, it is also a slightly offensive coverage that disabled people are included who have been put in to cover and say: there are disabled people you cannot not vote for it! ” Then he continues: “You want to include gender identity in the legislation …” In the meantime, the presenter introduces himself to the debate: “You who?”. “The Murgia and the supporters of the Zan bill – continues Borgonovo – are in favor of a law that introduces a continuous source of funding for LGBT associations that have to go and do training in schools including the day against homotransphobia and the concept of gender identity “. The debate heats up, the voices in the studio overlap, Borgonovo explains: “it is not through the laws that you eliminate the feelings of hatred”. The Murgia heats up: “So let’s eliminate the day of remembrance. It is with training that you eradicate prejudices, in this case of the Jews ”. Borgonovo comments: “There is a small difference. Explaining to a child that the holocaust is an abomination and explaining to a child that not only women give birth there is a difference that for me is abysmal. “

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