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JERUSALEM – Acrobatic pilot, paratrooper, explorer (even without wings, on a bicycle). Basmah is facing the riskiest maneuver in these hours, a leap of faith he didn’t expect to face when he decided to leave Canada and Ontario for marry Prince Hamzah, the former heir to the Jordanian throne. He is also a pilot (of military fighters), trained like the other members of the royal family at the British Academy of Sandhurst. They are together, under house arrest. On Saturday morning the chief of staff presented himself at the palace and ordered the son of King Hussein and his fourth wife Noor to do not leave the large rooms and avoid contact with the outside.

Hamzah and his wife Basmah in paratrooper gear

Petra, the official news agency, denied the arrest but Hamzah managed to leak through the lawyer a video call to the Bbc in which he explains that his security credentials have been removed, Internet and communications blocked (not all apparently). He denounces the incompetence and corruption of the system in power (he does not mention names): Financial and personal interests are more important than the dignity and future of the 10 million Jordanians who live here. I have been accused of conspiring and conspiring with foreign powers, so that those who decide to challenge are always defamed.

In fact, he repeats the criticisms that led him to isolation at home, as he defines it. In fact, he seems to interpret, in a very broad sense, the freedoms that his half-brother King Abdallah II had granted him seventeen years ago in the letter depriving him of the title of crown prince: Having to exercise this honorary role has caged you and has not allowed you to take the full responsibilities that I am ready to entrust to you. A contradictory explanation: I cancel you from the race to the crown, you will have more power.

In 2009 Abdallah II has named his son Hussein as his successor, who was then 15 years old. With this step he follows the tradition of the father who had left him inherited the throne (plus a bitter and vindictive uncle) two weeks after his death from cancer in 1999: after promising the scepter in 1965 to his brother, Prince Hassan.

Four marriages, 12 children. Step brothers and sisters who have lived together in the Hashemite court between jealousies and competing ambitions. Abdallah II son of Hussein and his second wife Muna; Hamzah born from the marriage between the king and Noor, of American origin, the fourth and last wife. Intertwining made even more complex by the support (interchangeable according to the interests) of the desert tribes to the different members of the family.

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