The mandatory documents to keep in the car to avoid heavy penalties

The mandatory documents to keep in the car to avoid heavy penalties
The mandatory documents to keep in the car to avoid heavy penalties

All that we must necessarily have in our car to travel safely and free from penalties following any checks.

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In addition to proper vehicle maintenance and consumption management to contain expenses, every motorist must keep in mind which documents it is mandatory to keep in the car and to be found quickly in case of need and in order not to incur more or less high fines in case of a police check.

What documents are required to keep in the car?

Many of the drivers have been stopped, at least once in their “automotive life”, at a roadblock with the peace of mind and awareness of having their “license and registration document” close at hand. But which documents are mandatory to keep in the car?

Driving license: penalties if forgotten, suspended, expired or never obtained

The driving license is the main document without which you go nowhere. For those who drive for a trade, professional qualification (KB certificate for rental with driver) is required, in addition to a driving license. The pink sheet is mandatory for those who want to obtain a driving license and therefore they must practice. Essential condition that they are accompanied by a person with at least 10 years of driving license B not over 65, they must also affix the sheet with the beginner’s “P” printed on the rear window.

The penalties for the driving without a license, (because forgotten at home), I am between 42 and 173 euros former. Art. 180 paragraph 7 of the Highway Code. If you refuse, without justified reason, to go to the police offices to provide information or exhibit documents, there will be an additional fine from 430 to 1,731 euros.

Per driving with a suspended license the amount of the fine ranges from a minimum of 2,050 euros to a maximum of 8,202 euros. While driving with license expired involves a pecuniary sanction between 155 euros and 624 euros in addition to the withdrawal of the same by the authorities.

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Registration card

The registration certificate “registration certificate”, in which the (inspection sticker) must be applied, is the document necessary for the circulation of the vehicle that the driver must always carry in the vehicle in order to be able to circulate. It is issued by the provincial office of the Civil Motorization (UMC) and reports the data relating to the technical characteristics of the vehicle. If you are caught driving a car without registration document, the investigating agents draw up an offense report and apply an administrative sanction, the amount of which is between 42 euros and 173 euros.

Revision of the vehicle

Driving a car without revision or with revision expired instead it involves an administrative sanction from 173 to 695 euros ex article 80 Cds paragraph 14.

Anti-abandonment device for children

From March 2021, those traveling by car with children up to 4 years of age must also have an anti-abandonment device on board with the relative certificate of conformity of the manufacturer. Sanctions go from 83 euros to 333 euros plus the reduction of five driving license points.

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The certificate of insurance

According to article 180 of the Cds., The insurance certificate must be kept on board the vehicle, a document that certifies the regularity of the insurance coverage. The lack of this certificate entails a fine from 41 to 168 euros; fine from 419 euros to 1,682 euros if, within a period set by the authorities, the driver fails to show up at the police offices to show the documents necessary to travel on the road. The Green Card is used in the case of circulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Tunisia, Israel and Iran.

Should the insurance coupon be displayed yes or no?

From 18 October 2015 it is no longer mandatory to display the insurance coupon on the windshield of the car. Until then, motorists were required to show the insurance badge in such a way that it was clearly visible from the outside at the risk of a fine being imposed on them. It was a coupon that had to be changed when the policy was renewed and that the police could consult visually to verify the regularity of the insurance coverage. Today, however, in the era of full and functional digitalization, it is enough for the police to take the car’s license plate to find out if it is insured or not.

Sand you are not in possession of the coupon, there is a fine of 21 euros, it should also be emphasized that, in the event of loss of the car insurance coupon, the insurance coverage of the vehicle remains intact even in that period.

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