China, shock experiment: giving birth to male mice

China, shock experiment: giving birth to male mice
China, shock experiment: giving birth to male mice

A Chinese scientific institution has recently published a report in which it announces that it has carried out a revolutionary experiment on laboratory mice, immediately branded “to Frankenstein“by animal welfare NGOs. The Department of Medicine of the University of the Navy, an institution located in Shanghai, has in fact revealed in recent days that its researchers have succeeded in”force to give birth“gods”rodents malesThis human-induced pregnancy in male animals ended successfully at the culmination of a four-step laboratory study.

Based on the reconstruction of the experiment made by Chinese scientists, the first step of the pioneering study consisted in joining a neutered male rat and a pregnant female specimen “attacking“of the portions of skin of one to the corresponding skin areas of the other. Once”sewn“the features of the skin of the two animals, to the point of making them real”Siamese twins“, the Chinese researchers then made sure that the animals united”shared blood“.

The second phase of the test was the transplantation in the body of that male mouse of a portion of the uterus of the female, and then, as a third step, always implanting in the male specimen the embryos developed in the body of the pregnant female. The fourth and last moment of the experimental process, on the other hand, involved a wait of three and a half weeks by the Eastern scientists to monitor the progress of the pregnancy “male“and then concluded with the execution of a”Caesarean section“.

After the male rat had given birth, the Shanghai researchers proceeded to separate it from the female rat to ascertain how long the first rat would survive after that. “traumatic“reproductive experiment. Despite the mutilations suffered and despite that unnatural pregnancy, the rodent in question lived up to three months after the offending test. As for the puppies born to the male thanks to the man-induced pregnancy, the Chinese luminaries recently claimed that the first would come to light without malformations and they would have reached adulthood without showing any health problems. However, at the time when the aforementioned cesarean section was performed, the experts, admits the same report, had also found dead fetuses in the uterus implanted in the male rat with “abnormal characteristics“, come “different morphology and color compared to normal fetuses“or”atrophy and swelling of the placenta“.

The artificial pregnancy in question, according to the report published by the Asian university, has so far been replicated in many other male mice, always with satisfactory results. Consequently, the Shanghai researchers, in that document, exult stating: “Our research reveals that a normal embryonic development in male mammalian animals and could have a profound impact on reproductive biology research“.

The gambling carried out on rats by Chinese experts has obviously infuriated the organizations defending the rights of animals, which accuse these luminaries of having perpetrated a real crime against nature and against the health of laboratory guinea pigs. In particular, the American NGO People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), through the mouth of its representative Emily McIvor, defined “vile“the pioneering Chinese study and later condemned the research saying animals shouldn’t be treated like”disposable items“. The animal activist subsequently thundered:”In this vile study, after being castrated and forcibly attached to a female rat, the male mice were cut, implanted with a uterus, and embryos inserted into it; all to determine if they could ‘successfully’ produce fetuses. These shocking experiments are driven solely by curiosity and do nothing to deepen our understanding of the human reproductive system. Animals deserve to be respected and left alone, not lab raised, scrambled and treated like disposable items.“McIvor sank the blow by saying,”Surgically uniting two sentient beings, who have endured mutilation and weeks of prolonged suffering, is unethical and falls within the realm of Frankenstein science“.

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