African air rising from the Sahara, it will be hot days

Confirmations for a weekend with a summer explosion, according to the latest weather forecasts. The weather is already admittedly summery due to the persistence of a moderate anticyclonic promontory that has been affecting the central Mediterranean and Italy for several days. The warm North African currents are gradually intensifying towards our sectors, especially in Sardinia and in the central-northern areas, a little less in the South and also in the middle-lower Adriatic, still affected by northern fresh air effluents. However, during the weekend, the high pressure would advance even further towards the northern Mediterranean and Central Europe, ferrying increasingly hot air masses from the North African territory until it also becomes fiery by Sunday.

The latest weather forecasts calculate, for Saturday 19, the arrival from the Algerian-Tunisian territory and towards Sardinia of isotherms at the conventional altitude of 1500 m, up to + 24 / + 25 ° C, and isotherms of + 20 / + 22 ° C effectively penetrating towards Sicily and the central-northern Tyrrhenian sectors a little bit all. On the ground, these values ​​would translate into maximum peaks up to + 38 / + 39 ° C or even + 40 ° C on Sardinia, + 35 / + 37 ° C or even + 38 ° C widespread in the Tyrrhenian areas and in the Center North. generally. For Sunday, there could be a further thermal increase, with fiery maximum temperatures on the whole peninsula and values ​​on the ground diffusely around + 33/36 ° C on the plains from North to South, but peaks up to + 40 / + 41 ° c on Sicily, if not beyond, and + 37 / + 38 ° C widespread on the central-southern plains. According to the weather forecast, however, it would not only be sunny and hot. For Sunday, in fact, the excessive heat from below could trigger a certain convective activity, in particular on the central Apennine reliefs and on the alpine and pre-alpine ones, with local showers and thunderstorms, even strong on western Piedmont and the west. Alps, more irregular on the rest of the Alps and in the central Apennines, but in any case with the risk of widespread hailstorms.


African air rising Sahara hot days

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