Australia overrun by spiders wakes up covered in cobwebs

The state of Victoria, in Australia, was overrun by spiders after the region was hit by a heavy flood.

To escape the water, the local spider populations have put in place the “ballooning”, a survival tactic that consists of training giant cobwebs that swell like balloons with the force of the wind raising ground-dwelling spiders to higher surfaces such as trees and shrubs.

“I had seen it before, but it had never been of this magnitude. It wasn’t scary, it was beautiful. Everything was just wrapped in this beautiful spider web, on all the trees and fences, “he told the Bbc Carolyn Crossley, local councilor. “The sun was setting at that moment and the light was beautiful, as was this floating wave that ran through the landscape. The fact that the webs have not separated made me think that these spiders have somehow coordinated to make this incredible installation “, he concluded.

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Australia overrun spiders wakes covered cobwebs

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