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The European Union must not become “a debt union: Countries like Italy and France would like to abolish the Maastricht parameters, but this is alarming both from an economic and moral point of view “. This is the warning of the Austrian Finance Minister Gernot Blumel before today’s Eurogroup in Brussels. Austria, one of the so-called frugal countries, even during the negotiations on the Recovery Fund has always pushed for strict compliance with the EU budget rules. “Creating debt is dangerous, even with low interest rates,” Blumel added.

Meanwhile, the Commission goes ahead with the approval of the national recovery plans and President Ursula von der Leyen continues her tour to deliver them directly to the capitals. Yesterday she went to Spain and Portugal, today to Greece and Denmark, and tomorrow to Luxembourg. In Italy it will fly on Tuesday 22, to bring the full promotion of the PNRR, like those delivered so far. “I think in the end they will be very similar report cards”, reassures the economy commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, to dispel the doubts of those who fear that Italy will be promoted as usual but with reservations. And to give certainty about the times, he announces that the first twelve plans – Italian is one of them – will be definitively approved by the Council in July. Most likely from the Ecofin of 13 July, or from a possible extraordinary meeting of the economic ministers for now only hypothesized on 20 July.


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June 17, 2021 21:59


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