Holland, Princess Amalia refuses 1.6 million indemnity: “I’m taking a sabbatical”

Holland, Princess Amalia refuses 1.6 million indemnity: “I’m taking a sabbatical”
Holland, Princess Amalia refuses 1.6 million indemnity: “I’m taking a sabbatical”

Rome, June 15, 2021 – He graduates with full marks, turns 18 and says “no, thanks” to 1.6 million euros a year. A legitimate gain, provided for by Dutch law, for Amalia Princess of Orange, eldest daughter of King William Alexander of the Netherlands and heir to the throne.

The young Dutch princess finished last Thursday high school, passing the final exams with the highest marks and, in addition to celebrating the achievement, he also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte in which he says he “feels uncomfortable” in accepting the state allowance recognized to members of the royal family who reach the age of majority for their personal expenses.

“Next 7 December 2021 I will turn 18 – reads the handwritten letter by Amalia and broadcast by the Dutch public TV Nos – and, according to the law, I will receive an allowance. But I feel uncomfortable as long as I do nothing in return to get it, especially in this pandemic time when so many other students are in a very difficult situation. “

Amalia also explained that she intends to take a gap year before starting university studies, a period therefore dedicated to herself and without institutional commitments therefore it would not be justified to receive public compensation “for my role as Princess of Orange”.

The Dutch public TV Nos reports that it is the first time that a member of the royal family has given up on claiming their allowance. The choice of Amalia caused particular discussion also because it is part of the question of costs of the monarchy Dutch which, according to a 2012 study cited by The Guardian, surpassed the British one in the distinction of being the most expensive in Europe.

The Dutch government last year budgeted for the monarchy’s spending in 2021 by 47.5 million euros, excluding the costs of state visits or maintenance of the royal palace: for King William Alexander a salary of € 998,000 per year and € 5.1 million of official expenses is envisaged. His wife, Maxima, received 1.1 million euros, the former queen Beatrice 1.7 million euros while Amalia, as princess heir to the throne, would be entitled to 1.6 million euros.

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