the cashier killed and two injured – Libero Quotidiano

the cashier killed and two injured – Libero Quotidiano
the cashier killed and two injured – Libero Quotidiano

A shooting for the fault of a mask. It happened in a US supermarket in Decatur. The quarrel arose between a customer and the cashier of the center about the need to wear personal protective equipment. According to reports from Melody Maddox, county sheriff, after the quarrel man, Victor Lee Tucker, 30, would have walked away from the supermarket without making any purchases. He would pass by the house to get the gun and return shortly after, opening fire on the cashier. The woman died instantly. Instead, a security officer who tried to stop what was happening was injured opening fire in turn. Both, including the criminal, are now hospitalized.

Even in Italy, although the dispute did not lead to a shooting, something similar happened. The facts date back to last September when a real fight was staged at the Coop in Crema, in the Gran Rondò shopping center. Reason? Once again the refusal by two men to wear the mask. After several criticisms and attempts by some clients to make them think, the two went wild throwing baskets of the supermarket e hitting with fists people who tried to block them.

“But this is what happens in commercial places every day and millions of workers remain exposed to the risk of contagion and the possibility of aggression by pandemic deniers. There is no more time – he vented Francesco Iacovone, of the national Cobas -: the reports of workers are now daily and the risk of contagion, added to that of aggression, must be contained by the institutions of this country. ” the lockdown, it is not needed to work in peace instead, quotas are needed at the inputs, masks and stringent controls. In addition to the health crisis, we are facing a real problem of public order that must be vigorously tackled by the Government, through the competent Ministers and Prefects “.

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cashier killed injured Libero Quotidiano

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