“He confided that he could abdicate. But only under two conditions “

“He confided that he could abdicate. But only under two conditions “
“He confided that he could abdicate. But only under two conditions “

Prince Charles has been waiting for 68 years for the day when he can be proclaimed king. But Queen Elizabeth just turned 95 he has no intention of abdicating. In a newly published biography of Matthew Dennison, simply titled “The Queen”, the author (already known for his books on Queen Victoria and Augustus’ wife, Livia Drusilla) writes that the sovereign has confided that she could leave the crown only for two specific reasons.

The sovereign has dedicated her entire life to UK, since her coronation in 1952, when Elizabeth was just 25 years old. Almost seventy years later, and close to the “Platinum Jubilee”, Elizabeth is the longest-lived monarch in history. During the inauguration ceremony, he vowed to dedicate his life to the crown, and he did. But, on a couple of occasions, he confided to his cousin Margaret Rhodes (died in 2016) who could be forced to abdicate if she were unable to perform her daily duties.

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“In the ninth decade of her life – wrote Dennison – Elizabeth continued to maintain the same principles. And he told Cousin Margaret Rhodes that she would never consider abdication, unless she was suffering from Alzheimer’s or a heart attack. ‘

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The same intention of remaining queen he confided to George Carey in 2003, when the then archbishop of Canterbury (now 85 years old) left his post to retire. “I can’t really abdicate, I’ll go on until the end.”

On this point, notes the DailyStar, there is consensus among the leading experts on real things. Even after the death of Prince Philip of Edinburgh on April 9 at the age of almost a hundred, commentators were categorical: Elizabeth will never throw in the towel.

The royal historian Hugo Vickers (author among other things of a biography of the Queen Mother) had said in those days of mourning: «I can assure you that Elizabeth will never abdicate. There are indications that she is in excellent health, and if luck continues to assist her, she will continue to be queen for as long as possible ».

Likewise the journalist and writer Robert Jobson he ruled out the possibility of his renunciation of the crown. The author of a biography of Princess Diana told Express that “the queen will be queen until the day she dies.”

The first vow of allegiance to the British crown dates back to when she was only 21 years old, and she was still only a princess: “I declare to you that my whole life, be it long or short, will be dedicated to your service and service. of our great imperial family to which we all belong ». In 1953, the oath was repeated, and Elizabeth promised to rule the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, to exercise justice by showing compassion and to lead the Church of England. On the sixtieth anniversary he renewed his oath. And when, recently, reporters asked Buckingham Palace officials if the Queen could decide to abdicate, the answer was succinct: “Life means life.” For Carlo, in short, the crown can wait.


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