Cuba, the embargo was not enough: even the European Parliament is raging against the island

by Roberto Cursi

The European Parliament approved the proposal for a Resolution on human rights and the political situation in Cuba. Right-wing groups presented it with the aim of undermining the Agreement of Political Association and Cooperation between the EU and Cuba in place since 2016. After the firm opposition by Josep Borrell (EU High Representative for Foreign Policy) was not expected to be approved. Despite the outcome of the vote, Borrell wants to confirm the agreements with Cuba and condemns the US embargo.

The text approved by Parliament, as often happens when it comes to Cuba, contains in my opinion many untruths; falsehoods that are really “irritating” given that the parliamentarians decided the vote on these; falsehoods on which many of them, not being able to fully know the individual accusations, in good faith they thought they were true. They weren’t enough 240 measures on the embargo adopted by Donald Trump to bring the already precarious Cuban economy to collapse and make its people suffer beyond belief, many MEPs are now also lending themselves to this inhuman fury.

I could give various examples of false accusations, but the little space I have does not allow me. But I say that in some cases, in bad faith or ignorance, they contest “violations”Referring to the constitutional values ​​of a representative democracy, while it is well known that Cuba claims to be a people’s democracy. Whether we like it or not, it is a socialist country that has its own Constitution, amended and approved in 2019 with a referendum, the contents of which have been discussed and proposed by the citizens themselves through popular assemblies held in each neighborhood and to which the government has given credit, inserting their changes in the Constitution.

The same referendum, with 84% turnout e approved by 86.8% of voters, states that Cuba will never return to capitalism “as a regime supported by the exploitation of man by man” but that “the market, private property and foreign investments are necessary to revive the growth of the country’s economy, under embargo of the United States since 1962 “.

Unlike what you want to believe, it would be the vast majority of citizens to choose for 60 years to live in a socialist system, even if they are aware that it is a shabby, imperfect, limiting socialism; by themselves several times “cursed” but to whom, despite everything, they don’t want to give up negotiating it with another type of “democracy” imposed by others and in the service of financial capitalism. If we do not start from this data, I repeat, we are in bad faith or ignorant, and it is probable that in many MEPs these two peculiarities travel together.

The Cuban Embassy in Brussels prior to the vote in Parliament had issued this very strong statement against the Motion for a Resolution. Cuba has been under siege since the beginning of its revolution with a war “unconventional”Which is carried out on two levels: one is the economic, financial, social and human strangulation, to make the people rebel against the socialist system. The other is an unprecedented media war, where hundreds of millions of dollars are invested through Bodies and Agencies (such as the American Usaid and Ned) which finance many media, especially online newspaper sites where many Cubans are presented as journalists ” independent “with the sole purpose of artificially creating” news “to discredit the Cuban system. Usaid alone declared that in 2020 alone it had financed 2.5 million dollars for activities against Cuba. In the approved Motion for a resolution, the persecution against the leader of the San Isidro Movement, which is one of the many groups financed, is used as an example.

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