the only case in the world of trifallia. The study on the causes – Time

the only case in the world of trifallia. The study on the causes – Time
the only case in the world of trifallia. The study on the causes – Time

There are no precedents of the medical case that made headlines all over the world from Iraq. Yes, because the content of a study published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports is really surprising and concerns a very rare case of trifallia.

Protagonist a Iraqi child born with three penises for a more unique than rare anatomical malformation of the genitals, called trifallia. The baby is originally from Duhok, Iraq, and when his parents noticed a swollen scrotum they decided to have him checked. Well, the doctors who examined him had no doubts: he had three sexual organs for what Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali, who published the study in the Journal of Surgery Case Reports, considers “the first certified case of trifallia”.

But why was the baby born with three penises? The medical team who treated him carried out tests to understand if the child had been exposed to drugs during pregnancy or if she had in the family genetic abnormalities, but to no avail. They only had to operate on the child who fortunately had three penises but only one with a urethra: therefore the other two were removed in the operating room and now, one year after the operation, he is in excellent health, according to the clinical study.

Trifallia is a unique syndrome as claimed by the doctors who followed the Iraqi child (“to the best of our knowledge it’s the first certified case,” Saleem Jabali said) but it is estimated one in five to six million males is born with more than one penis.

Anomalies similar to this are being born with two scrotums or two anuses. A case in India made headlines six years ago but, unlike the Iraqi case, there was no scientific publication to certify the boy’s health history. There is no shortage of stories and reports of young men born with two “working” penises, that is, able to urinate or ejaculate from both members.

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