The queen at the G7 evening. With Carlo, Camilla, William and Kate-

The queen at the G7 evening. With Carlo, Camilla, William and Kate-
The queen at the G7 evening. With Carlo, Camilla, William and Kate-

the G7 of the restart. Also of the resumption of Royal engagements at full capacity. Proof? Her Majesty’s appearance tonight in Cornwall to do the honors of the assembled G7 leaders.

Almost because it is on the Twitter profile of the sovereign in the afternoon he had remembered the role of head of state of the queen, and his lifelong diplomatic activity. Heralding his appearance at the summit in the evening.

And so in the evening we arrive at the Edenrock project, Elizabeth II accompanied by the Prince of Wales with Camilla, and by William and Kate. In short, the whole front line of the working Royals, of Windsor Household.

The sovereign is smiling, light-colored dress with flowers that tomorrow celebrates its 95 years with the official birthday with a reduced-size Trooping the Color (adapted to the dimensions of Windsor, rather than unfolding in the vastness of the Mall and Buckingham Palace), he surprised everyone with his appearance. And so he had the opportunity of a first approach with the American president Biden who will instead officially meet in Windsor on Sunday 13, always accompanied by his wife Jill.

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Kate and Jill, two prima donnas united by attention to young people

In short, for London and for Her Majesty everything is now back to normal. With the resilience of Her majesty who on June 10 would have celebrated the 100th anniversary of the late wife Filippo. And with the determination to give a sign that time to get back to work. A message for all the Royal dream team of the very first line. Today Kate, Duchess of Cambridge met Jill Biden in a Cornish school to reiterate the common concern for the role of educators and the training of young people.

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