G7, Draghi: “Expansive policy to strengthen growth” | Palazzo Chigi: “Leaders share the premier’s line”

During the working session on economic recovery, in which Mario Draghi was the “lead speaker”, a general consensus of the leaders of the G7 was recorded on the so-called “recipes” indicated by the Italian Prime Minister. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, we learn from sources, spoke of the “complete cultural change” that took place in Germany, and of the need to invest in digitization and to combat climate change.

Sharing also from the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “I want to invest, I want to start the projects”, he assured, agreeing with Draghi on the importance of reassuring the markets of the common will to keep the debt under control.

“Democratic societies are best equipped to defeat the Covid 19 pandemic and restore economic prosperity. Together with the leaders of the G7 we are focused on sustainable and resilient growth that works for all globally. This is the only way forward. to go and together we are stronger “, tweeted the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

Palazzo Chigi: Biden invites G7 to seize the moment for growth – “The more we can do together, the better.” US President Joe Biden said this, according to sources from Palazzo Chigi, calling on the G7 to “seize the moment” and support the economy.


Draghi Expansive policy strengthen growth Palazzo Chigi Leaders share premiers line

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