Europeans: from Lippi to Sacchi, the charge of the coaches for Mancini’s blues

Four special fans say good luck to Italy, amidst leaps of optimism and calls for caution

F. Licari e G. Longhi

June 11th
– Milano

The European Championship kicks off this evening. Four past coaches analyze the conditions of Mancini’s Italy and his players for the Gazzetta.

Marcello Lippi

“With Barella and Immobile everything is possible”

Where can Italy go?

“I think there is great conviction, self-esteem and quality to achieve a great result and not miss anything. There is the ambition to go high, there are solid foundations. It’s different from 2006, we had played other games before. of the World Cup, but the reality, I say and repeat it, is another: Italy is one of the 4-5 world teams that, when participating in a great tournament, always does it only to win, not to make a good impression . If he has the luck that all his players are at the top, that the conditions are ideal, then nothing will be precluded. “

Who will be the decisive man?

“I see two decisive players. One is definitely Barella, I have already said, I like what he does, how he plays, how he fights. He is a midfielder with an international dimension because he does everything the greats do in his role: he attacks , defends, presses, accompanies the action, shoots from outside, accelerates, in short, he is the prototype of the great international midfielder. The other is Immobile: I have a lot of faith in him, and I believe that the time has come to collect and internationally all that has sown in recent years is important “.

What is your opinion on Mancini?

“Mancini has really done a lot. He has given the team great conviction, proactiveness, an attacking game, confidence in the young players. This national team knows they are strong and, above all, they know how to win.”

Arrigo Sacchi

“We don’t ask too much, we are not the strongest”

Where can Italy go?

“I hope it goes as far as possible, but there are more qualified teams on paper. We always have a short memory: how many times have we won the European Championship? Only in 1968. What about the latest results? We skipped the World Cup. And the clubs? They have been winning for eleven years … So why should the national team win? Let’s not ask them more than they can. When a team gives everything it has, it has already won. “

Who will be the decisive man?

“The team will be decisive. Even today there are some who today think that football is an individual sport, but 1 × 1 is 1, while 1 × 10 is 10. For experience and talent there are stronger teams, but football it is a team sport, of synergies and collaboration. We will go on playing as a team. Today it is not possible to have players who are not multipurpose: everyone attacks and everyone defends, in very tight spaces. Then it depends on the attitude: if you go ahead and withdraws… “.

What is your opinion on Mancini?

“He is doing an enormous job. Even from a historical point of view. In 2016 we went out with Conte, but with dignity. Let’s ask him for dignity. His enterprise is courageous and innovative. Enthusiasm, modesty and intelligence are our weapons. We have teamed up. twice thanks to the effects of public mockery in 1982 and 2006. We are also trying to improve culturally. After the 1994 World Cup I only wrote ‘thanks to everyone’, because we have gone beyond our possibilities “.


Roberto Donadoni

“Winning group that has strength and courage”

Where can Italy go?

“It’s hard to say where Italy can go, but the progress so far has been really good. Now, however, is the crucial moment, that of the reckoning. There are stronger national teams ever and it will be a good test. group, an excellent team spirit, the feeling is that this Italy can compete with everyone and can reach the top. I don’t know how high, but there are no limits. “

Who will be the decisive man?

“I do not think there is a single that stands out above the others, simply because the group is the winning weapon of this team. If I had to give a name, well, it cannot be denied that Barella is the one who made progress. more remarkable. He has shown temperament, courage, desire, physicality. Impressive. The important thing is that he never changes his way of being and that his contribution is always collaborative and at the service of the team, and does not turn into self-centeredness, but I don’t think there is this danger “.

What is your opinion on Mancini?

“Mancini is the coach and therefore the first protagonist. He has done a lot, he is the team leader, the manager for better or for worse. We owe to him the results, the type of game, the expectations. Of course, the national teams are always linked to the years,” to the player park, but it seems to me that he did everything very well and also invested in young players, launching some of great prospects even when others did not believe in it.


Gian Piero Ventura

“We are in the top four and Mancini has many merits”

Where can Italy go?

“Surely in the top four, then from the semifinals onwards it becomes very difficult to make predictions. Anything can happen. In general, I am convinced that Italy will be one of the protagonists of the European Championship. The favorite team is always France, which in this moment has something more. Then there are the others: England, Italy, Belgium, Germany. But Italy can do very well by focusing on the serenity and enthusiasm that have characterized the long run of these months.

Who will be the decisive man?

“England have Foden, France Mbappé, Belgium Lukaku just to name three important players. But Italy has the team, because all the players are at the service of the group. This positive streak confirmed that we are a club team. who casually plays in a national team tournament “.

What is your opinion on Mancini?

“He made an extraordinary journey, only the icing on a cake prepared with great care is missing. After having reached the lowest point (the failure to qualify for the Russian World Cup in 2018 with Ventura as coach, ed), we could only go back, but this was by no means easy or obvious. Mancini was also good at leaving many young people who gained experience little by little and now have become the strong points of the team. Mancini earned his merits on the pitch, with facts and not with the words”.

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