“A microchip with the vaccine”: what’s behind the theory

“A microchip with the vaccine”: what’s behind the theory
“A microchip with the vaccine”: what’s behind the theory

Among the most widespread and popular hoaxes that have been circulating on the net for months now is the famous conspiracy theory of microchip installed inside the human body with the anti-Covid vaccine.

Where does the belief come from?

In reality, however, the pandemic crisis and the arrival of vaccines in record time have done nothing but fuel a belief that has much deeper roots than the current vaccines against Sars-Cov-2: already at the time of the vaccine against the measlesfirst made available in 1963, it set the stage for what would become the bread and butter of modern-day no-vaxes. The history of the microchip brings us straight to March 2020, when Bill Gates during an interview stated, about Covid, that we will soon need “digital certificates to show who has recently recovered or been tested “, or, when a vaccine would be available, “who received it“. As the magazine reports Mashable, the next day on a Swedish website appeared the comment of CyphR, the administrator of the site who chose this codename, belonging to a community of biohackers who claim that microchips are implantable in humans and one day will be used to monitor the biometric data and even verify our identity.

“Microchips to fight the coronavirus”

From that moment, as if by magic, the conspiracy theory was born. “Suddenly, implantable chips are not just a real, scalable mainstream application, but an urgent medical need.“CyphR said, (intentionally) misunderstanding Gates’ words. It is at that point that an article is published on the site with an eloquent, if misleading, title:”Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight the coronavirus“, something Gates never said but would love biohackers who already use implantable microchips. power network and social networks is just that: a very banal news deliberately crippled begins to “run” and spreads among thousands and millions of users. Two days later, Adam Fannin, a Baptist pastor from Jacksonville, Florida, who has always had a deep distrust of Gates, stumbled upon that post turning the biohacker’s fantasy into a biblical prophecy: 9 minutes of video uploaded to YouTube where the pastor attacks the number 1 of Microsoft accusing him of wanting to “depopulate” the planet Earth. What could be the title of the video? “Bill Gates – Microchip vaccine implants to fight Coronavirus“.

Ignorance runs on the net

Since then, the video has gone viral and quickly garnered 1.6 million views: the conspiracy microchips in the vaccine have inevitably taken hold, starting to depopulate on social networks, on the bulletin boards of no vaxes and on the TikTok channels of conspiracy theorists. In a few days, the whole world found the history of microchips in vaccines before their eyes. In a one-minute video on TikTok, a young woman pointed to screenshots related to the microchip against an X-Files-style background. “It has already been activated all over the world, including New York“, he wrote warning his followers. These dangerous myths have been built on a distrust of vaccines sown for years by well-organized groups that have launched targeted and effective disinformation campaigns: in the United States, a poll last March found that 42% of respondents believed in at least one Covid-19 conspiracy theory.

Fortunately, there are those who have intelligently defended their father and obtained numerous consents. “Unfortunately the vaccine didn’t implant my genius father in my brain – if only mRNA had this power!“, wrote on the social networks Jennifer Gates, 24, daughter of the co-founder of Microsoft, against one of the theory of the more widespread vaccine conspiracy, according to which the pandemic is a cover for a plan that actually wants to implant traceable microchips and Gates is behind it all. The real tragedy is that, in 2021, there are still those who believe in it.

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