“The punishment is death.” All the absurd prohibitions of Kim Jong-un

“The punishment is death.” All the absurd prohibitions of Kim Jong-un
“The punishment is death.” All the absurd prohibitions of Kim Jong-un

A relentless war on tight jeans, “unconventional” haircuts and foreign films, especially the dreaded South Korean soap operas. Kim Jong Un, leader of the North Korea, has passed a law to neutralize the threats of “reactionary thinking” which includes drastic sanctions: the death penalty or the labor and re-education camps. He wrote a letter to the Youth League last month, urging the repression of “unpleasant, individualistic and anti-socialist conduct” among young people to stop “foreign language”, hairstyles and clothes that he described as “dangerous”, indeed ” poisons »for the holding of the company.

The diplomat who betrayed Kim who disappeared in Rome is now in Seoul

In fact, the paradox is that, in spite of the aired total closure to the outside like the blocking of the Internet, it is not uncommon to find in Pyongyang, especially among young talent, people who are very well informed about Italian football and the Serie A championship or about basketball Nba. The supreme leader, in his message, has banned skinny jeans and practices such as piercing considered symbols of the “capitalist lifestyle”, urging people to do more to prevent the “capitalist culture” from taking over the country.

A few days earlier, Kim’s warnings had been anticipated by Rodong Sinmun, the voice of the Workers’ Party, who had expressed concern for young North Koreans who increasingly embrace Western fashion trends: “We must be wary of the slightest sign of lifestyle capitalist and fight to get rid of it, ”he warned.
According to the Daily NK, a news site based in Seoul and specialized on events in the North, the re-education camp would be punished by three teenagers “guilty” of having done their hair in the manner of South Korean K-pop groups and of wearing trousers. short above the ankles.
The sanction, for those caught in possession of large quantities of audiovisual products from South Korea, the USA and Japan, could however also be the death penalty, while only the vision would lead to the prison camp up to 15 years.

Meanwhile, Kim reappeared in public, after 29 days, at the politburo meeting held last week, urging an “urgent” meeting of the plenum, the third of 2021, in order to address the “urgent problems” that the country is facing in the ‘era of the pandemic.
State media provided only a brief account of the meeting on Saturday, in which the young general spoke about the results achieved by the January Workers’ Party congress, stressing the need to convene a plenary meeting of the party’s Central Committee. There are still “outstanding issues to be resolved, urgent problems for the economy and people’s lives”, to be protected from the feared external influences and interference.


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