it was he who kidnapped, raped and killed the 33-year-old

it was he who kidnapped, raped and killed the 33-year-old
it was he who kidnapped, raped and killed the 33-year-old

The London policeman accused of kidnapping, raping and killing Sarah Everard – who disappeared in London on March 3 – has confessed. Appearing in video link in front of the Old Bailey courthouse, Scotland Yard agent Wayne Couzens – who had been indicted in March – pleaded guilty to the charges of kidnapping and rape, ma he postponed the admission of guilt for the murder of the woman. The officer also accepted responsibility for the woman’s death, but her admission of guilt was postponed until medical examinations were submitted. The next hearing will take place on 9 July. Couzens already had precedents worrying: he had been accused of sexual harassment (acts of exhibitionism) just three days before Everard’s disappearance.

The disappearance of Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard, 33, disappeared on the evening of March 3 in Clapham, south London, around 9.30pm. She was walking home after spending the evening with friends. It was her fiancé who reported her disappearance the following day. After days of fruitless searching, Everard’s body was found in a wood in Ashford, Kent, about 48 miles from the last place she was last seen.

The disappearance of Sarah Everard: insights

The protests

In the days immediately following, Britain – and London in particular – had been traversed by a wave of vigils, symbolic sit-ins and protests by citizens and citizens who demanded greater safety for women in public spaces and criticized the police force. Kate Middleton also participated in one of these sit-ins. The Duchess remembers her anxiety well by returning home alone, in the evening, when she was a girl, some sources close to the royal family told the English tabloids. Some of these events – such as the sit in organized a Clapham, in the park that Sarah went through on her last evening – were interrupted by the police, in ways that the mayor of London himself had sometimes described as inappropriate and disproportionate. Unacceptable images, Interior Minister Priti Patel said later.

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