The disappearance of Maddie McCann and the turning point “within a few months”: how things are

The disappearance of Maddie McCann and the turning point “within a few months”: how things are
The disappearance of Maddie McCann and the turning point “within a few months”: how things are

The investigations never stopped. Is the circle tightening around Christian Brueckner? The 44-year-old man is the main suspect, the only one, for the disappearance of little Maddie McCann, who vanished into thin air on May 3, 2007, when he was just over 3 years old, in a residence in Praia de Luz, famous seaside resort in the Algarve, Portugal. The news is bouncing around in newspapers around the world these days, but the reality is that there are no certainties about new elements that have recently emerged. Only the words – vague and “circumstantial” – of a German prosecutor greatly amplified by the usual British tabloids that have been following the McCann case regularly for 14 years.

The disappearance of Maddie McCann and Christian Brueckner

It is not a question of days, but “of months”, hoped some time ago the German prosecutor Hans Wolters, who had appealed to new witnesses to come forward. Maddie would turn 18 this year. Christian Brueckner has been in prison in Germany for years to serve a sentence of 7 years in prison for rape and drug trafficking. New evidence and new testimony would be needed. “We have found many more pieces of the puzzle, but I cannot reveal which ones they are,” prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters said at the Mirror. Christian Bruckner has never been questioned about McCann’s disappearance. Faced with criticism of the time taken by his investigation, Hans Christian Wolters said his team is “satisfied” with the progress made so far and that they have received “very interesting suggestions”. Words that, however, have not led to any real turning point in the investigation to date. Asked when Brueckner will be questioned, the prosecutor said: “At the end of the investigation. When we have completed our investigations, we will inform the public about the result and then further details as well. “

Brueckner at the time lived in a motorhome near Praia da Luz

Madeleine’s family, who paid tribute to her earlier this year on what would have been her 18th birthday, still hope she’s alive and that someday she’ll come home. Brueckner, an already convicted pedophile, was living in a motorhome near Praia da Luz when Madeleine went missing. German and British police became aware of him as a potential suspect in 2017, but only made the information public in June 2020. Last year, investigators revealed that the night Madeleine went missing, her cell phone was located near the resort where the McCann family were staying. It was never discovered who would call Brueckner that night. He was previously convicted of raping an Irish woman in his Algarve apartment in 2004. He was arrested in 2018 in Italy with an international arrest warrant for rape. His name would also end up in some inquiries into the disappearance of other children, in addition to Madeleine.

Madeleine Beth McCann, of Leicester, was on vacation with her parents, Kate Healy McCann and Gerry McCann, both doctors, her little brother Sean and two-year-old twin sister Amelie. From the moment her mother noticed that she had disappeared from the bed she was sleeping in, with her siblings a few meters from her, while the parents were having dinner with a group of friends in the property’s tapas bar a few tens of meters from the apartment , no further news of her has been received. There have been numerous alleged unconfirmed sightings of Madeleine in Portugal and other countries. Robert Murat, a resident of Praia da Luz, and Mr and Mrs McCann, about whom suspicions had emerged in the early stages of the investigation, were completely exonerated. The British tabloids had poured out an avalanche of doubts about the McCanns. In 2008 the Daily Express and the Daily Star ran an apology on the front page and agreed to pay the McCanns £ 550,000 in damages. One of the hypotheses that the German and British investigators have worked on is that Brueckner had entered the hotel room for a theft but would have decided to take the child away. But the turning point, for now, is not there.

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