Peru elections, who won? The results of the ballot

Peru elections, who won? The results of the ballot
Peru elections, who won? The results of the ballot

Results still in the balance for elections in Peru, where last Sunday he voted for a ballot he sees in the field Pedro Castillo e Keiko Fujimori. To understand who won, it will be necessary to wait for the counting of votes abroad where operations are proceeding slowly.

There are two opposites in the running. Castillo is a teacher from a peasant family, leader of the left party Free Peru who was the most voted in the first round with 19%.

Keiko Fujimori, on the other hand, presented herself at the helm of the right-wing conservative party Popular Force, gaining access to the ballot thanks to 13.5% taken in the first round.

This is the daughter of Alberto Fujimori, former president and dictator of Peru from 1990 to 2000, released from prison in 2017 after spending 12 years in prison.

Peru arrived at these presidential elections in a climate of great health and economic emergency. The Covid in fact, it caused a total of about 66,000 deaths, making the South American country the first in the world by incidence in relation to the inhabitants.

Peru elections: the result of the ballot

The run-off of presidential elections in Peru took place on Sunday 6 June, after the first round instead took place on 11 April. This is a very delicate vote, given the serious economic crisis that is gripping the country severely hit by Covid.

Left-wing candidate Pedro Castillo and conservative Keiko Fujimori challenge each other. At the moment it is bare has reached 99%, with these being the official results so far.

  • Pedro Castillo – 50,228%
  • Keiko Fujimori – 49,712%

Castillo would therefore be ahead by a few thousand votes, but everything will depend on the outcome of the vote abroad where the count is still 32%. From the partial results, Fujimori would be the most voted abroad.

The outcome of the presidential elections in Peru is consequently at the moment more than uncertain, while Keiko Fujimori has denounced possible irregularities in the polling stations in the countryside, where it was Castillo who refueled by preference.

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