Georgia, 20 children in one year thanks to surrogacy: a pair of parents aims to reach 100

June 08, 2021 2:15 pm

The Russian blogger and the Turkish tycoon pay around 9 thousand euros for each pregnancy and get help from 16 nannies

Before getting married to the Turkish tycoon, met during a vacation in Batumi, Kristina had already had a daughter, who is now 6 years old. With Galip, the 23-year-old then decided she wanted to start a large family. The two therefore decided to bet on surrogacy. The first child was born in March last year. Then, being satisfied with the practice, they decided to continue and make the family of their dreams come true.

The babies are between 4 and 14 months old. The family lives in a three-story mansion and uses 20 large packs of diapers and 53 of infant formula every week. To pay for the nannies, the couple spends 78 thousand euros the year.

Kristina said the 6-year-old girl is enthusiastic about her siblings, she loves playing with them. The 23-year-old also does not rule out another natural pregnancy, but not immediately. “First I need to take care of my children. It is difficult to be a mother of 21 children when you are pregnant,” she concludes.


Georgia children year surrogacy pair parents aims reach

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