hundreds of arrests in the world –

hundreds of arrests in the world –
hundreds of arrests in the world –

For the Austrians Ironside but in the rest of the world the code name of the operation Trojan Shield, Trojan shield. And like the horse built by the ancient Greeks, he leveraged what appeared to be an instrument of defense and protection to frame enemies. Why theAN0M encrypted app, used by many criminals around the world to communicate with each other in a confidential manner, was spread years ago in criminal circles by none other than FBI infiltrated agents.
Law enforcement officers monitored 25 million messages on floors in three years murder, drug trafficking, weapons and money laundering and they have come to arrest over 250 people in Oceania alone and dozens more between Europe and the United States: by men linked to the South American drug cartels to those of the Asian triads, right down to Middle Eastern and European criminal organizations, Australian and American investigators revealed at a joint press conference this morning.
Nine thousand officers were involved in coordinated raids in multiple countries: 224 arrests in Australia and 35 in New Zealand. Details on the operations conducted in Germany, the US and other countries will be announced later today.
The New Zealand police described the operation as the most sophisticated in the world against organized crime conducted so far.

And he told that the idea of ​​using an encrypted app came to a couple of FBI agents in 2018, over a couple of beers. It was spread in the criminal world by the fugitive Australian drug trafficker Hakan Ayik to whom it had been given by undercover agents.
Ayik, 42, recommended the app to associated criminals who allegedly bought a smartphone that had AN0M pre-installed, allowing them to send encrypted messages and record videos. Police said in some cases it took months to determine who a specific device was being used by.

More than 11,000 people use AN0M worldwide, including 1,650 in Australia, with half of the criminal activity detected on the app concentrated in New South Wales.

The ANoM application was installed on the phones cell phones that, lacking any other functionality, were traded on the black market. A phone of this type can only communicate with another phone containing the application. A criminal had to know another criminal to obtain this materialAustralian police explained. The devices circulated and their popularity grew among criminals, who had faith in the legitimacy of the application because the main figures of organized crime guaranteed its integrity, he added. Basically, they handcuffed each other by hugging and trusting ANoM and communicating openly with it, not knowing we were listening to them all the time, he summed up.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke of a blow to organized crime not only in Australia but in the world.

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