Bella Hadid has abs of steel, but risks losing her pants

08 June 2021 10:37

A walk through the streets of New York in overalls but as if on the catwalk

Unfastened jacket and exposed white sports bra, Bella Hadid is sexy and sensual even with sneakers and tracksuit. In this period she likes to dress in a very simple and relaxed way, but this does not mean giving up a charming touch. Bella’s joggers have a comfortable fit and are high-waisted, yet the model manages to make them incredibly erotic with that slip that can be glimpsed and that soft air that make you fear they may come down at any moment.

The paparazzi linger on Hadid’s exposed underwear and chase her. She knows it and sways on the asphalt as if she were on a high fashion catwalk leaving everyone breathless.


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Bella Hadid abs steel risks losing pants

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