Monsignor Hindo died, also remained in front of the advance of the jihadists

The prelate passed away in France after a long illness. The Syrian Church remembers him as a pastor alongside his people

a bishop who remained with his people even when Daesh entered the city, giving witness “to us Christians, even to priests, reminding us not to flee, to stay with our people”. With these touching words ad Asia News Fr Amer Kassar, a Syrian Catholic priest of the Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Damascus, recalls this.

Ordained a priest in 1969, in 1996 Monsignor Hindo was appointed archbishop of Hassaké-Sisibi. The episcopal ordination, the following year. The resignation for health and reached age limits date back to 2019. The prelate always remembers Asia News, has never stopped making its voice heard in defense of Christians and the Syrian population. In the past he had fought against the closure of some Christian schools in the autonomous Kurdish region in the north-east of Syria not recognized by Damascus.

Mediator between Christians and Muslims

Remembered as a figure of great value, Father Amer underlines how Monsignor Hindo “played a role of mediator between Arabs and Kurds, between Muslims and Christians, always remaining in Hassaké, which he did not abandon even when ISIS was at the gates” and operating with a view to dialogue and encounter. It has also promoted projects for the development of the area, including housing for young people, to counter the depopulation of Christian areas. And again, for Caritas and on the education front.


Monsignor Hindo died remained front advance jihadists

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