The US authorities have recovered a large part of the ransom paid for the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline

The United States authorities have recovered a large part of the ransom that had been paid last May to the hacker group DarkSide, responsible for having carried out a cyber attack against the systems of the Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest and most important oil pipelines in the United States. On Monday, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said investigators had “found and recovered” 63.7 bitcoins, worth $ 2.3 million (about 1.9 million euros), a large part of the 75 bitcoins paid by the company (which at the time of payment, before a decline in cryptocurrencies, were worth 4.4 million dollars).

The cyber attack was carried out on May 7 with a “ransomware”, that is a malicious software installed by hackers that blocks some data, which are unlocked only with the payment of a ransom (in English ransom). About two weeks after the attack, the administrator of the Colonial Pipeline, Joseph Blount, confirmed that he had authorized the payment of a ransom of 4.4 million dollars (approximately 3.6 million euros) to allow the resumption of activities pipeline, blocked due to the attack.

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