North Korea, Kim Jong-un’s new “war”: jeans and foreign films banned

Kim Jong-un himself wrote a letter to the Youth League last month, reported by the Rodong Sinmun, the voice of the Workers’ Party, urging the repression of “unpleasant, individualistic and anti-socialist conduct” among young people to stop “foreign language”, the hairstyles and clothes he described as “dangerous”, indeed “poisons” for the well-being of society.

Blocking the Internet was not enough, now the supreme leader has outlawed skinny jeans and practices such as piercing considered symbols of the “capitalist lifestyle”, urging people to do more to prevent the “capitalist culture” from taking over the country. Restrictions aimed at the world of North Korean youth who increasingly embrace Western fashion trends.

According to Daily NK, news site based in Seoul and specialized on events in the North, the re-education camp would be the penalty imposed on three adolescents from the hermit state “guilty” of having styled their hair in the manner of
South Korean K-pop groups and wearing shorts above the ankles.

The sanction, for those caught in possession of large quantities of audiovisual products from South Korea, the USA and Japan, could however also be the death penalty, while only the vision would lead to the prison camp up to 15 years.

The phenomenon of external interference does not spare the nomenclature either. A few years ago, according to Seoul intelligence, the son of Choe Ryong-hae, believed to be the number two of the leader, was surprised with CD-ROMs of South Korean films: his father, to appease the anger of the leader, decided to pass a few months in a re-education camp, returning to public then visibly limping.


North Korea Kim Jonguns war jeans foreign films banned

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