Artin was 15 months old and fled from Iran. The shipwreck a year ago

Artin was 15 months old and fled from Iran. The shipwreck a year ago
Artin was 15 months old and fled from Iran. The shipwreck a year ago

Today the small body of Artin was found, a Kurdish-Iranian child of just one year and three months found by the police on the southern coast of Norway, near the town of Karmoy. Artin died on October 27 last year with four family members in the English Channel, when the boat on which they were sailing to the English coast sank.

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The journey from Kurdistan

Their Kurdish family journey started on 7 August 2020 from Iranian Kurdistan to continue on the western coasts of Turkey, where human traffickers had transported them to Puglia. Having landed on the Ionian Sea, Artin and his family had traveled up the country to arrive in the north of France, from where they were to arrive in the United Kingdom.

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The shipwreck

Only 15 people were saved from the shipwreck while the identification of Artin was reached thanks to the DNA profile, the testimonies of the other travelers allowed to reconstruct everything. Norwegian forensic experts later confirmed that it was Artin: a traumatic discovery for the child’s family. Now the remains will be sent back to Iran for burial.

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The numbers

In the first week of June alone, British police intercepted around 600 people who left Calais for the United Kingdom. In 2020, there were 8,000 migrants, so much so that the London government tried to build metal barriers to stem their flows. In addition, patrols with Paris intensified after an agreement reached last November between the two countries divided by the Channel. Both will also make use of drones, for a total cost of 31 million euros.


Artin months fled Iran shipwreck year

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