Waiting for the final, a friendship ends in Honduras

There is great expectation to understand who will be the winner of the de “The Island of the Famous” among the six finalist castaways: Andrea Cerioli, Awed, Beatrice Marchetti, Ignazio Moser, Matteo Diamante, Valentina Persia. In Honduras, however, for days the situation has precipitated between two competitors, who had become inseparable.


Among the surprises that will follow one another during the live broadcast, we will try to understand what exactly happened between Valentina persia e Andrea Cerioli. The castaway does not understand the end of such a close bond and which she hoped would continue even outside reality: “It was all beautiful what we experienced, this relationship no longer exists. Group realities are created, there has been an exclusion from me” one of the six finalists says crying.

Valentina Persia in tears confides in Andrea Diamante. “I feel bad, a path that I wanted to conclude hugging each other has ended. If he doesn’t feel the need to resolve, why do I have to feel bad? I made a mistake, we must acknowledge it and go ahead and wish those who made me this island very happy: good life “.


Waiting final friendship ends Honduras

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