“With the Gazzetta dello sport …” – Libero Quotidiano

“With the Gazzetta dello sport …” – Libero Quotidiano
“With the Gazzetta dello sport …” – Libero Quotidiano

March 1, on two full pages of L Osservatore Romano Paolo Ruffini he drew up an exhilarating balance of the six years of life of the department for communication of which he is prefect. But since Papa, let theEspresso, not the slightest has arrived thanks to him or to the other supporting actors of the dicastery: from Andrea Tornielli, editorial director, to Andrea Monda, director of L ‘Roman Observer.

In fact, on May 24 the Pope went on a visit to the building that houses the Vatican media. But instead of celebrating the 160th anniversary of the papal newspaper that deals with the Vatican State, he had only words of reproach for it. The newspaper to which Bergoglio he preferred to party was The Gazzetta dello Sport, sold at newsstands with the book as a gift Sport according to Pope Francis.

“That same May 31 Francesco received Monda in an official audience, and Tornielli two days earlier. But they must not have been relaxed talks. Too fresh was the humiliation inflicted on both and Ruffini by the papal visit to their headquarters on 24 May. beautiful, the pope had told them, but the question is this other: ‘how many listen to the radio, and how many read L’Osservatore Romano?’. You are like ‘the mountain that gives birth to the mouse’. ” Expressed. Thus giving the light to possible interpretations on why the Holy Father did not like the Osservatore Romano and blatantly made him understand. The hypothesis is that the papal newspaper is too tied to an idea of ​​elitist religion, far from the popular Third World one of the Argentine. His tribute to the Rosea by Urbano Cairo it is perhaps a clear message to Monda and Tornielli: a more popular newspaper less distant from the problems of the people, less attentive to Vatican policies. We’ll see.

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Gazzetta dello sport Libero Quotidiano

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