Xenophobia exists (just a post) :: Blog on Today

Xenophobia exists (just a post) :: Blog on Today
Xenophobia exists (just a post) :: Blog on Today

The question is not whether Salvini himself is a racist or xenophobic. Absolutely not. The point is the quality of the debate that is generated by what a leading politician communicates to the millions of people who follow him on social media. “I have never campaigned against immigrants, my problem is not the color of my skin, my problem is legality. I also defend the rights of the 5 million legal immigrants from illegal immigrants who come only to deal and commit crime and with which we do not want to have anything to do in Italy “, reiterated yesterday the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini.

But also yesterday, a few hours later, he published on his channels the video of a man who goes into a rage in front of agents who are struggling to bring him back to reason. Without providing any details on the story, without power or wanting to give a few more elements to understand the dynamics, without context.

“Rome, visibly agitated, attacks a Local Police officer. But can you imagine such a crap in another country in the world? Is this the respect that is given to the authorities of the place that hosts you? We await enlightened comments from the left” he comments the self-proclaimed Captain, opening prairies to the barbarism of insults of his many admirers.

Salvini’s is not the “denunciation” of a news story

Salvini’s is not the “denunciation” of a news story. It is a message thrown into the cauldron of social media without context. It’s not normal, let’s not get used to it. Politics is not the bar downstairs, or at least it shouldn’t be, even more so if the secretary of the first Italian party in the polls (or whoever for him) puts down certain words. How many episodes comparable to that of the video take place every day in the streets of Italy and of any country in the world? An infinity.

The unscrupulous politician tweets the video, so that “the violent guest” can be seen clearly and speaks of “disgust”. The local police instead had told (the day before) everything on social media with precision, not showing anyone’s faces, and explaining that the perpetrator of the attack had been immediately arrested.

“He pushes two boys who are passing by on a scooter and inveighs against the agents: arrested. After having pushed and dropped, without reason, two boys who were passing aboard two scooters near Piazza Venezia, the manager attempted to attack the intervening agents : the foreign citizen, about 30 years old, was arrested. The two young people, bewildered and frightened by the incident, alerted a patrol of the “ex Trevi” Central Group I, on duty in the area. the thirty-year-old began to rant against them, trying to attack them with a belt of his trousers, and then attempted to escape towards via dei Fori Imperiali, where, however, he was immediately caught up and arrested for resistance and violence to a public official “.

Find the differences. In fact, we are getting used to xenophobia, without even realizing it. He has never campaigned against immigrants, assures Salvini. In fact, he is right: his is not a campaign, they are seeds thrown into the ground, matches lit on a pile of dry straw, a post in the dozens of every day, then whatever happens, happens. To say that racists are just “idiots”, as the Northern League leader often does, is a way to minimize the problem. We expect more from politicians, who raise the level of confrontation. Not that they bury him. And maybe they know how to self-criticize when they’re wrong.

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