Norway, the body of a 15-month-old child drowned in the Channel identified: he is a small Kurdish-Iranian migrant

07 June 2021 17:12

The little boy lost his life together with his whole family in an attempt to reach Great Britain from France after passing through Italy

To reach the identification, “qualified professionals from the forensic science department of the Oslo University Hospital managed to recover the DNA profiles” of the family members and the child. At the end of the comparative analyzes, the family was informed that the little body actually belongs to Artin.

The boat carrying the migrants sank in the English Channel on October 27: 15 migrants were saved, while together with little Artin they lost their lives Rasoul Iran-Nejad, 35, Shiva Mohammad Panahi, 35, Anita, 9 , and Armin, 6 years old. The family was from Sardasht, in western Iran, near the border with Iraq.

According to the BBC’s reconstruction, the family left their home on 7 August 2020 and headed to Turkey; from here, together with other migrants, the members were transferred to Italy by human traffickers. Once they arrived in our country, they crossed Italy and reached the north of France, where on October 27 they embarked for Great Britain and died a few hours later in the shipwreck.


Norway body #15monthold child drowned Channel identified small KurdishIranian migrant

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