Deadly shooting, victim of a ten-year-old child: a real tragedy

Yet another shooting in the United States: this time, however, the victim is a child of only ten.

Scena del crimine (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Tragedy in the States, in New York. The metropolis was the scene of a dramatic murder that saw a very young victim, a child of only ten years of age.

The events took place around 21.30 yesterday, local time, in the populous neighborhood of Queens.

Shots were fired from a speeding car, hitting a 29-year-old and a ten-year-old boy. The two were returning to a residential complex in the area.

Hypothesis quarrel between neighbors

The motive and the perpetrator of the shooting are still unclear. However, we know that at least six shots were fired, and that at least two have unfortunately scored.

The child was centered in the lower abdomen, and was rushed to the hospital. However, the relief efforts are in vain, since the little one died after being admitted to the hospital.

Crime scene (Photo credit should read GUILLERMO ARIAS / AFP via Getty Images)

The police are looking for a black SUV, from which the fatal shots would have started. As for the motive, the investigators hypothesized a quarrel between neighbors that resulted in tragedy.

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Unfortunately, it is just another fact of blood that shocks the United States. And for the umpteenth time the controversy between those in favor and against the free possession of firearms is rekindled.

The subject is hot, and he cannot find a meeting point. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution does indeed legally allow citizens to possess firearms for self-defense, but often the law has been worse than the evil.

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The USA is in fact among the first countries in the Western world for the quantity of murders, and often the facts of blood are related to outbursts of anger or tragic errors, as in the case recounted here.

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