First transgender at the top of Reuters: “Being trans is not a sentence”

First transgender at the top of Reuters: “Being trans is not a sentence”
First transgender at the top of Reuters: “Being trans is not a sentence”

She is the highest-ranking transgender journalist in her career. Gina Chua, 60, reached the top of Reuters after Alessandra Galloni appointed her executive director, that is her second, to head the 2,500 journalists that the newspaper has in 200 cities around the world. “Transgender people will no longer be portrayed as victims,” ​​he announced, but as well-rounded characters in the stories that happen to them. After his hiring he commented: “They are an example of how after a change of sex they don’t necessarily fire you.”

Graduated in mathematics and then specialized in journalism at Columbia University, Gina Chua has for many years curated a blog entitled (Re) Structuring Journalism, “(Re) Structuring Journalism”, which is a laboratory of ideas – signed, until 2020, with the old male name now deposed – on how to bring the traditional rules of the profession together with digital and new technologies. He spent 16 years at the Wall Street Journal and about two years managing the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

He announced the transition on his blog in a post titled “Changes”, similar to the email he forwarded to his colleagues at Reuters on December 18. During the months of lockdowns and home work, she wrote to them, “I have adapted to this new skin. I have been traveling for some time now: a private journey that is time to make it a personal passage. I am transgender and from today I will live and present myself according to my authentic identity 100% of the time ”. “I made this passage public,” he now explains to the New York Times, “because there are 14-year-olds who need to know that transition is not a death sentence.”

The transition took place in 2020: “It takes courage to change into who you really are”, he wrote then. “I feel like I’ve freed up 20% of the space in my brain,” he says now. Born into a Catholic family in Singapore, she began to accept her nature only in 2005, with the move to New York: “Ok, I said to myself. But I won’t make a real transition, it’s too hard ”. Thus begins “a painful double life: two groups of friends, two wardrobes, two personalities”. Only with the lockdown does it begin to acquire greater awareness. The circle will close in July, when she returns to the office, permanently changed, in body and soul.


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