She enrolled at Hua Zhibing University, the first Chinese virtual student –

She enrolled at Hua Zhibing University, the first Chinese virtual student –
She enrolled at Hua Zhibing University, the first Chinese virtual student –

June 3 Hua Zhibing, in his first post on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, announced that he will study at Tsinghua University’s Computer and Technology Department. Nothing strange, except that Hua does not really exist: in fact, the first Chinese virtual student, powered by a large-scale artificial intelligence system. I have been passionate about literature and art since I was born – she declared in her first vlog posted on Weibo – a feature that scientists have given me, in addition to giving me these features and this voice. In just nine hours, Hua collected two thousand followers on her profile.

Simulate a conversation and write poems

The appearance, voice and background music in the vlog, as well as his paintings and the poems he recites, have all been developed on an AI modeling system called Wudao 2.0. System that was presented at the 2021 Conference of the Beijing Academy for Artificial Intelligence only on June 1. WuDao 2.0 uses 1.750 billion parameters for simulate a conversation, write poetry and understand images, beating the previous record of 1.6 trillion parameters set by Google’s Switch Transformer.

Over 100 scientists worked on the project

WuDao 2.0 is the first trillion scale model in China and the largest in the world, explained Tang Jie, BAAI’s deputy academic director and professor at Tsinghua University’s Department of Informatics and Technology, as well as one of Hua’s leading developers. Zhibing. BAAI launched Wudao 1.0, China’s first large-scale smart models, March 20. Wudao 2.0 research and development brought together more than 100 scientists of AI across China, as well as leading figures from academia and Chinese industry.

In a year he will have the knowledge of a twelve year old

Hua’s core algorithm trained on a supercomputer platform developed in China. According to Tang, his virtual student grow up and imparer faster than an average real person. If this year he started learning at the level of a six-year-old, in a year he will be at the level of a twelve-year-old. Hua Zhibing cannot study and live as fully as normal students right now and will not have any emotional problems either, says Tang. Our hope that first master his skills and then try to make progress in reasoning and emotional interactionhe concluded.

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