the tragic death toll

A serious news story that took place this morning in China, a man made a mad gesture in the shopping streets, killing and injuring several innocent people for no apparent reason.

Shopping Center (Photo Pixabay)

Serious crime of crime occurred this morning in China, a man made a crazy gesture killing and injuring several people in the shopping streets for no apparent reason. The final balance is truly dramatic and unfortunately such episodes seem to be more and more frequent.

It grabs crazy gesture took place in Anqing, a Chinese city very close to the famous Wuhan, the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. While people were quietly strolling and shopping in the center of the town, the unexpected tragedy took place that caught the unfortunate poor.

The man who accomplished the crazy gesture he is just 25 years old, for the rest we only know that he was unemployed and probably very angry about his general situation. Obviously, mental problems are not excluded on the part of the young man who threw himself completely blindly against the passers-by of Anqing.

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Insane gesture in China, here is the number of victims and injured.

Unfortunately the crazy gesture made by the 25-year-old man in China led to a serious final balance. The number of victims is six people, while the injured are fourteen. At the moment the toll is this, fortunately the injured people do not seem in danger of life, but the number of innocent deaths remains high.

Rescue (photo Getty)

At the moment, the reasons behind the crazy gesture by the young Chinese. The investigators are questioning the man and all leads remain open, even if the most popular reason would seem to be that of some infirmity or mental problem on the part of the killer.

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Unfortunately, such episodes are not rare in the last period. Just in April, again in China, a similar event had happened: a man entered a school and stabbed two children, killing them and injuring many others. Another crazy gesture who made innocent victims.

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