“The Delta variant is 40% more transmissible than the English one”: because the mutation worries the United Kingdom

Infections increase in the UK, the country that in Europe he vaccinated more than all the others, arriving today to immunize completely over 40% of the population with 66.7 million doses administered altogether. But there are elements that worry the government British, which has set for June 21 the elimination of all restrictions imposed by the pandemic, even if the government Tory he undertook to condition the decision on the performance of the data, reserving the right to decide whether confirm O postpone no earlier than day 14.

We come to the numbers. On June 4th the Great Britain has in fact recorded 6,328 new infections from Covid-19, the highest number since March 25. Numbers that have not been followed by increases in hospital admissions, at least for now. To determine the increase in infections, after the wave of the English variant – renamed Alpha – and the Indian variant, now called ‘Delta’ (or B.1.617.2) according to the new nomenclature introduced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has become dominant in Uk since it was diagnosed in 75% of the positives. The British Minister of Health Matt Hancock to Bbc in fact he explained that it is “40% more transmissible” than the English one, and that this “makes everything more complicated”, specifying however that at the moment there has not been an increase in inputs hospital and that most people in the hospital with the Covid-19 he has not received a single dose of the vaccine.

The scientific community also raises the alarm: Professor Adam Kucharski, epidemiologist alla London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and government consultant, evoked “a number of worrying signs” on the transmissibility of the Delta variant, hypothesizing that in the end it may also result in a surge of hospital admissions. And he added that from his point of view a failure to postpone the further reopening of June 21 by a few weeks would be “difficult to justify“. Chris Hopson, a senior executive of the British National Health Service (NHS), noted for his part how the increase in hospitalizations has so far mainly concerned younger patients and not yet fully vaccinated and has not been “very significant” in the country compared to the rebound of cases: confirming the fact that “i vaccines seem to have broken the chain between contagions from Covid-19 and the possibility of becoming seriously ill or dying ”.

“For those who received Pfizer, less effective antibodies against the Indian variant”: the study – To complicate the picture is added a research conducted in Great Britain, with the coordination ofFrancis Crick Institute and published in the magazine The Lancet, according to which antibodies produced by people who received both doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine tend to be more than five times less effective against the Indian variant. Coordinated by Emma Wall e David Bauer, both of the Institute Francis Crick, research indicates that the antibody level becomes lower with increasing age and tends to decline over time. The researchers measured the level of neutralizing antibodies and their effect on major variants of the virus SarsCoV2 in 250 individuals aged 33 to 52 years, some of whom had received a dose of the vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech and two others. For the authors of the study “it is difficult to accurately assess to what extent the reduction of antibodies will have an impact on the efficacy of vaccine“, Just as it is difficult to predict the effects on”severity that the disease could have in one population vaccine“.

The numbers of the last few weeks – According to theBritish National Statistics Organization (ONS), about one in 640 people in households in England has had Covid-19 in the week through May 29, compared with one in 1,120 people in the previous week. This is the highest level since the week ending April 16. The data does not take into account the environments hospital, the houses of care and other institutions. The increase in the contagion curve was also revealed in Wales, in northern Ireland and in Scotland. A new report released on June 4 by the UK national health system speaks of 12,431 variant cases Delta identified, against the 6,959 of the last bulletin released a week earlier. Give her analysis it also emerges that the Indian variant it may be more resistant to the vaccine. But the epidemiologist Meaghan Kall its Twitter insisted on the need to continue with the vaccinations, the only way to defeat the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. The 73% of cases Delta it’s about people non vaccinate and only 3.7% of those who received both doses, while only 5% of people hospitalized with this variant received the two doses.

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