“Eminence gray of the Elysée”, devastating suspicion – Libero Quotidiano

“Eminence gray of the Elysée”, devastating suspicion – Libero Quotidiano
“Eminence gray of the Elysée”, devastating suspicion – Libero Quotidiano

The investigation on Nicolas sarkozy comes up to Brigitte Macron. Or rather, a very close friend of hers, Michele Mimi Marchand, queen of French gossip and historically close to all the highest institutional positions in the country. Emmauel Macron e first lady included. As it relates the messenger, the corruption investigation into former president Sarko and the alleged Libyan funding received during the 2007 campaign (a few years later the French president himself would have unleashed the military offensive to depose Muammar Gaddafi) now also involves Merchand.

“Eight years after the opening of the investigation – explains the Roman daily -, the 74-year-old owner of the paparazzi agency was formally investigated yesterday Best image, considered the queen of French gossip, eminence gray at the Elysée as regards the image of the presidential couple Brigitte-Emmanuel “.

The accusation is heavy: “Subornation of witness and fraud in an organized gang”. According to the French magistrates, Merchand would have organized the interview released by Beirut a Paris Match it’s at BfmTv last November from the Lebanese Ziad Takieddine, key witness in the investigation into Libyan funds. Takieddine had taken it all back, effectively exonerating Sarkozy and claiming he hadn’t given him the money. But he then spoke to the French magistrates of statements “distorted by Paris Match”. In short, Mimi would have tried to save his friend Sarkozy.

His past, on the other hand, is quite unscrupulous: “Protagonist of the Paris nights in the 80s – he always remembers The messenger -, owner of a nightclub, then made a fortune in the weekly gossip Here is becoming a confidant of politicians, actors and entrepreneurs. “The secrets of the Elysée, from Sarko e Carla Bruni a Francois Hollande e Segolene Royal, to finish with the Macron spouses, they are all in his hands.

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Eminence gray Elysée devastating suspicion Libero Quotidiano

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