could get away with a fine

could get away with a fine
could get away with a fine

In Great Britain and in its former Caribbean colony of Belize, the attention of the population and the media is growing for what appears to be a mysterious murder, but above all for the too soft consequences that the rea confess could have thanks to the ties with one of the gentlemen most powerful of both countries, the British billionaire and lord Michael Ashcroft. A well-known figure in the UK for his political background as a former member of the House of Lords, former vice president of the conservative Tory party, currently one of the main funders of Boris Johnson as well as resident in Belize, where he is the richest man in the country, banker and financier, responsible for the transformation of the island into an offshore state and international tourist destination as well as ambassador of the island to the United Nations from 1998 to 2000.
Last week in the luxurious resort of Mata Rocks, on the island of San Pedro made famous by Madonna in the song La Isla Bonita, the 32 Jasmine Hartin, Longtime girlfriend of Andrew Ashcroft, the son of Lord Michael and mother of his two children, during a walk in the moonlight allegedly killed with a fortuitous blow to the back of the head, his friend and one of the most famous policemen in the country, Henry Jemmott . A situation that, from the woman’s statements, seemed not very credible and full of inconsistencies. Hartin in fact, on the night of the murder said that after having entertained at home to have a drink with his policeman friend at that time off duty, given the heat and humidity, they had decided to take a walk on the pier despite in the country c ‘is a severe curfew due to Covid.

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Sitting on the dock, Jemmott, a big man 1.82 meters tall and weighing 135 kg, who had recently been promoted after solving important cases and defeating some of the criminal organizations in the area, would show her his service pistol. trying to convince her to take a weapon given some past incidents of threats suffered. After the demonstration with the gun, as the policeman had shown pain in his back, she gave him a massage but at some point, Jemmott would ask her back for the gun and just as he was passing it to her a shot would go off that hit the policeman in the back of his head, causing him to end up in the sea. A dynamic that from the outside seemed incredible to many but which was confirmed by police investigations. So now the person responsible for the murder would risk from a prison sentence of up to five years to a simple fine of around $ 10,000. And it is outraging many in Belize and embarrassing many in Britain, with the British media sending some of the best reporters on the island to find out more, and speculating on everything from voluntary murder to a tragic game gone wrong. .

Of the power of the murderer’s father-in-law financier, former Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow said long ago that “Ashcroft is an extremely powerful man. Its net worth can be equal to the entire GDP of Belize ”accusing him of having“ subjugated an entire nation ”. Neither he nor his son have taken a public position for now while Hartin is currently detained in Hattieville Ramada one of the most notorious prisons in the world but has recently had a new arm, which bears the name of the financier and father-in-law of the inmate, the Ashcroft Rehabilitation Center. The litmus test for many will be in the next hearing on Wednesday when the bail will be discussed, to get the woman out of prison, so far denied by the judge. Meanwhile, two nations are holding their breath.

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