Facebook and Maw in the sights

Facebook and Maw in the sights
Facebook and Maw in the sights

Here again Donald Trump. The former American president is back in public speaking at the North Carolina Republican convention with the intention of opening a new season of campaign-style rallies. Season that could lead to his new candidacy at presidential elections of 2024. To welcome him, as in the old days, a room in the convention center of Greenville packed with supporters, with over 1,250 seats sold out in just two days. It is the second swarm of the tycoon after the unfortunate rally on January 6, the one that degenerated into Capitol Hill, seat of the American Congress. The first Trump was granted in February in front of the audience of the CPAC, the conference of American conservatives, fresh from the victory obtained on the front of the second impeachment.

Donald Trump, his Facebook accounts suspended for two years. “A censorship is an insult to the United States”

More than three months later, it is time for the former president to return to the limelight, if only to avoid falling into the trap of irrelevance in front of public opinion to which those who are defeated in the presidential elections are almost always sentenced. Not that in recent months Trump has been with his hands in his hands: indeed, after stormy months he has managed to keep his influence on the Republican party almost intact, especially in Congress, while even the latest poll of June 1 indicates that the 77% of Republican voters are still on his side.

So Trump does not want to disappoint, and his targets remain the same as always. So down slashing up Facebook, who just a few hours ago reiterated the tycoon’s suspension from the platform for at least two years, until January 2023. His account and his profiles are obscured as on Twitter and other social media. A bad blow for the former president, especially after the failure of his social platform, in fact a blog that mimicked Twitter and that Trump decided to ‘turn off after a few weeks given the scarce following. It is then impossible to avoid yet another attack on Anthony Fauci, which long ago Trump came to call an idiot.

Easy for the tycoon to ride the controversy that recently overwhelmed the virologist with the growing demand from conservative circles for his resignation. So much so that the White House of Joe Biden she has been forced several times to reaffirm the trust placed in the scientist. But Trump’s favorite leitmotif remains that of the rigged 2020 elections, snatched from him by Biden. It is no secret that in recent weeks Trump continues to tell his people that in August he will return to the White House: if the recount of the votes in Arizona is successful (something also excluded by the Republicans themselves) he dreams of a domino effect in other US states in able to deliver victory to him. For the detractors, and not only, pure science fiction. But it does not matter: what matters to Trump is to return to the center of the public scene, not only to act behind the scenes, and to go back to making noise probably also to divert attention from legal troubles. Above all, the Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office and the state of New York are closing in on the Trump Organization, which is suspected of several crimes including tax fraud. But it’s not just New York that is investigating.

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