discovered by relatives, dramatic ending – Libero Quotidiano

discovered by relatives, dramatic ending – Libero Quotidiano
discovered by relatives, dramatic ending – Libero Quotidiano

A few days ago had caused a sensation a wedding in India in which the bride had died of a sudden heart attack just as she was already at the altar. The family then “parked” her in a room in defiance of any kind of humanity and immediately solved the “problem” by proposing her younger sister to replace her. Now comes another story of arranged marriage, obviously always from India: a man disguised himself as a woman and snuck into the wedding of his girlfriend that the family had destined for another man.

His intent was to see it one last time, before ancient tradition separated them forever: it happened in the Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh, a northern state. The same, among other things, in which the aforementioned marriage with the corpse occurred. In this case, however, the boyfriend who lost his girlfriend due to force majeure ahe had organized everything down to the last detail: she had done make-up, wore sandals and a veil. She also carried a purse, in an attempt to pass herself off as one of the many women invited to the wedding.

His goal was to reach the bride and talk to her one last time, but it ended badly: he was in fact discovered by a group of relatives, who pushed and slapped him. The boy managed to escape on a bike with two friends who were waiting for him outside, thus avoiding much worse troubles. However, the fact remains that in India there remains a very serious problem of violation of women’s rights to self-determination.

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discovered relatives dramatic Libero Quotidiano

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