Trump banned from Facebook for two years. But in case of other violations there is permanent removal

The last chapter of the story had been written by Control Committee of Facebook, which had established a limit of six months within which the social network should have determined the expiration of the suspension from the platform of Donald Trump, which could not be indefinite. And so Facebook has decided: the former American president will be banned for at least two years – the maximum penalty “given the gravity of the circumstances”, is explained in a note – taken from last January 7, the day after the revolt in Capitol Hill, When Trump through an incendiary rally and also with a series of messages posted on social media he would have incited the crowd of his supporters to assault Capitol Hill, where the headquarters of the Congress. A violent attack that led to the death of five people. Trump will therefore be able to re-access Facebook from 7 January 2023, provided that “i public safety risks”Which motivated his exclusion. The social network therefore intervened with an iron fist, as he explained Nick Clegg, vice president of the group: “We believe that his actions constitute a serious violation of our rules, a violation that deserves the most severe sanction”.

A hard blow for the former president, also banned by Twitter. A blow capable of compromising the ambitions of a tycoon that still caresses the hypothesis of one new descent into the field for the US presidential election of 2024. And even if it were not so, Trump however, he firmly intends to exert all his influence on the vote, including that of the mid-term elections of 2022, when much of the Congress American. The reaction was very hard, and it could not have been otherwise: “The decision of Facebook is an insult to 75 million people who voted for us in the Presidential Elections rigged of 2020. Our country can no longer bear this abuse, ”thundered the former president.

Facebook therefore clarified that if in January of 2023 the risks that led to the suspension of the account will remain Trump this suspension will be extended. If instead Trump will be readmitted, there will still be a number of sanctions which will trigger in the event that the former president should commit further violations, including that of removal permanent from the platform of his pages and his account. The social media also announced the end of each treatment of favor for policy makers. From now on the same rules for all users and also i politicians will be held responsible for disseminating disinformation, no longer enjoying any immunity. “In evaluating the contents of relevance informative – he explains – we will not treat those posted by politicians in a different way from those of anyone else: we will apply the same yardstick for all contents, measuring whether the value of public interest has greater weight than risks potentials of leaving the online content “.

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