Give a dog to the sick sister: the animal attacks and dismembers it

Give a dog to the sick sister: the animal attacks and dismembers it
Give a dog to the sick sister: the animal attacks and dismembers it

“When I found it I was in a panic and didn’t know what to do. I’ve always protected her. I feel responsible even if I couldn’t have done anything that day. ”

These are the words of Kayden Barrett, an English citizen, protagonist in spite of himself in a shocking tragedy that took place in Birmingham.

His sister Keira, 21, was in fact killed – mauled – by the dog that he himself had given her, as a comfort during the treatment which the girl, suffering from mental problems, was undergoing.

The fatal attack took place last February and now the man has been heard by the investigators investigating the case.

According to the reconstruction of the facts, the day of the tragedy Kayden Barrett had left to go to work, leaving the 21-year-old and the dog – a Staffordshire bull terrier they had called Gucci – in the house they shared.

Upon returning, the macabre scene: the young woman pours into a pool of blood, lifeless, torn by the animal’s bites.

After the alarm, the police began investigations, confirming the attack.

The victim’s brother told investigators that he gave the young woman the dog last October, to help her in her therapeutic path.

According to his account, the dog had adapted well to the new family and had bonded well with both him and his sister.

The man, however, added that the night before the accident the 21-year-old had confided to him that “she was afraid of being bitten” by Gucci. “I didn’t give it too much weight”, the man pointed out, “I thought it was an unfounded fear, perhaps due to the fact that he had forgotten to take his medicines”.

Macabre coincidence, the next day the tragedy occurred. According to the coroner who took care of the autopsy “no one will ever know what triggered the aggression and the change in the dog”, which would never have shown signs of aggression.

After what happened – explains the British press – the animal was kidnapped and then slaughtered.

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