because there is no turning back – Libero Quotidiano

because there is no turning back – Libero Quotidiano
because there is no turning back – Libero Quotidiano

The pandemic has led us to have to live with measures that have extremely limited social contacts. One in particular is the so-called “social distancing”. But will these behaviors find confirmation within society even when the virus is eradicated once and for all? Just think about how we changed the way we greet each other, or introduce ourselves to people we don’t know. Those who use the fist, who the elbow, there are also those who had started to greet each other by making a strange footwork with their feet, in short: at least the creativity has not failed.

In an in-depth study on the topic, Laura Dudley, associate professor of Psychology applied to Northeastern University di Boston explained that: “We may never go back to handshaking as the main expectation at the time of a meeting.” At the basis of this hypothesis, the mutation of traditional customs in greeting, caused precisely by the anti-Covid rules. “The spectrum of acceptable ways to interact with another person has really increased, so now if someone just says hello and stays away, we don’t think it’s a strange thing “ says the professor. According to the expert, Covid has completely transformed the way we interact with others, and with which we establish a relationship of trust. Starting from the smile hidden by a mask and barely perceptible by the movement of the eyebrows, up to the greetings without physical contact.

Most of these habits will not be maintained over time, also because the restrictions are destined, sooner or later, to be lifted. Then the hugs, the kisses on the cheek and of course the handshakes will return. However, the pandemic will still leave its mark: according to Dudley, Covid “has however expanded the acceptance of contactless greetings. Which means that germophobes, or those who simply prefer not to touch other people and not be touched, may feel more comfortable not shaking a hand. ”

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