maid cuts his boss’s penis with a kitchen knife

maid cuts his boss’s penis with a kitchen knife
maid cuts his boss’s penis with a kitchen knife
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Spanish police on May 31 arrested a waitress a woman who allegedly emasculated his boss in a Catalan bar. An episode still to be clarified that which took place on Monday Sant Andreu de la Barca, near Barcelona. The 40-year-old employee, originally from Bangladesh, explained that her supervisor had been abusing her for months and allegedly attempted to sexually assault her. That’s when the bartender grabbed a kitchen knife and attempted to cut the genitals of the man, his countryman. The man, after showing up bleeding at the local police station, was rushed to an operating room at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat by an ambulance from the Sistema de Emergencias Médicas (SEM) for a complex surgical operation. re-attachment of the penis.

The “Mossos d’Esquadra” (the autonomous police forces of Catalonia) are now waiting to be able to collect his testimony in order to formulate the accusation of sexual violence. According to the Spanish television channel La Sexta, the woman claimed to have acted in self-defense and recalled that the alleged attack suffered is not the first, but the last in a long series. For its part, also the waitress remains in prison for the time being, for assault and beatings. According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, the bar manager and the waitress had worked together at the bar “El Sibarita de la Barca” for about six months and were often together. Neighbors even thought the two had one report. The Paudal website writes that it is not yet known if therejoining operation of the sexual organ it has been successful.


maid cuts bosss penis kitchen knife

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