“Ministers behind murders and robberies, state does not investigate for conflict of interest”

“Ministers behind murders and robberies, state does not investigate for conflict of interest”
“Ministers behind murders and robberies, state does not investigate for conflict of interest”

The European Union must intervene against the Maltese government which is trying to cover up the politicians involved in the murder of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia and other serious crimes of the past, including a failed armed robbery at the headquarters of the HSBC bank in Malta in 2010. This is the contention that the brothers George e Alfred Degiorgio (below in the photo), arrested already in December 2019 together with Vince Muscat (now a collaborator of justice) for having planted the bomb that killed the journalist in Bidnija, in October 2017, they argued in a letter sent by their lawyer William Cuschieri to the European Commissioner for Justice, the Belgian Didier Reynders.

In the full document, dated 24 May and subsequently published by the Maltese media, the defender of the two brothers recalls that the two assisted had submitted a request for pardon in exchange for the evidence that would nail the former minister of the economy Chris Cardona as the instigator of the murder. of Caruana Galizia since 2015 and of the current minister Carmelo Abela as an accomplice in the bank robbery of which at the time he was one of the most important managers. The request, however, the lawyer stresses, was rejected by the government because “there is a serious conflict of interest due to the fact that my clients offer information on the involvement of the state in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the involvement of government ministers. (previous and current) in other serious crimes, for which the State will never be able to correctly evaluate any request presented by them “.

The alleged evidence

In the letter, the lawyer lists some of the information against Cardona and Carmelo Abela and concludes that the Degiorgio brothers are ready to directly share the evidence in their possession in a meeting with Reynders himself as well as “with representatives of Europol, with the Maltese prime minister and / or members of the press “because” genuinely concerned about the existence of interests aimed at covering up “Cardona and Carmelo Abela.

The Degiorgos said they had information about Abela and Cardona’s involvement in other serious crimes, saying they have evidence showing the “names and details of the minds of those crimes”, two of which were the two politicians and members of the force. police. Referring to the failed HSBC robbery in 2010, which resulted in a shootout with police, the lawyer said his clients would have information on the times and locations of the preparatory assault meetings. Evidence that would nail politicians and members of the police force. This evidence also includes “confidential information and equipment” provided by Abela, who was the bank manager at the time.

The replicas

In response to the letter, Cardona again denied “qAny involvement, direct or indirect, in the plot or in the execution of the plot to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia or in the HSBC robbery of 2010 “. Also Abela, who was questioned by police last month after Alfred Degiorgio mentioned his name in connection with the failed robbery, reiterated his unfamiliarity with the facts, saying he has “nothing to hide”. “I have already strongly denied these allegations, which are nothing but blatant lies,” Abela told the Times of Malta, adding not to be aware of the communication between the suspects and the EU Commissioner. “But if that happens, it will be shown that these alleged killers use the same tactics often adopted by the opposition,” said Abela.

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