Car crushed by Tir on the traffic island: the video of the accident

editing by Salvatore Barbarossa
03 June 2021 18:27

The car is squeezed between the median and the side of a truck. On board, among the crumpled sheets, the driver is trapped, alert and conscious. A motorist filmed with his smartphone the subsequent phases of a frightening accident that occurred around 10 am today (Thursday 3 June) on state road 16, north carriageway, near Bisceglie, in the north of Bari. Within hours, the video went viral.

The truck involved in the accident is of a trucking company based in a municipality in the province of Brindisi. The haulier was not injured. The driver of the car, a 30-year-old woman, was rescued by firefighters and 118 staff. Admitted to the Bonomo hospital in Andria, the victim suffered multiple injuries, but fortunately she would not be in danger of life. The traffic police proceeds on the dynamics of the accident. As seen in the images, the truck driver himself and other drivers stopped to try to rescue the woman.


Car crushed Tir traffic island video accident

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