The Caporetto di Speranza, live sex and the Anpi: so, today …

The Caporetto di Speranza, live sex and the Anpi: so, today …
The Caporetto di Speranza, live sex and the Anpi: so, today …

– the Pd proposes to prevent prosecutors from holding spectacular press conferences with which to tell the details of the investigation, a ritual that usually transforms an investigation into media judgment. Who knows if one day we will reach this goal of legal civilization. Even if I remain convinced of one thing: if the files do not leak out at the press conference, they will do it with drafts here and there to the reporters. And maybe it’s even worse

Conte he has not yet managed to become the leader of the M5S and lives in limbo waiting for Casaleggio to deliver the data of the subscribers to the platform. However, he could enter Parliament with the next subplectives and occupy the place vacated by Emanuela Del Re. It would be a good way to get a shy foot inside the Movement, before the matter gets out of hand. However, it must move: it is not certain that in the autumn, when the elections will take place, there will be a lot of life left for the legislature

– is the Caporetto di Speranza. He insisted on keeping no more than four people at the table both outdoors and indoors. But he comes out defeated: from tomorrow in the white area in the outdoor areas it will be possible to eat without restrictions, while inside the premises up to 6 people can sit. In reality, the most absurd thing is that nowadays political clashes between left and right are played on the number of chairs to be placed around the table. We are in bad condition

– in India one bride dies in marriage. I don’t have time for her husband to hope he saved himself from the wedding tac, they immediately give him his sister. They put the dead in a separate room and continue the celebration. I hope for him that his new wife is at least as beautiful as his late wife

– amazing, friends. He was born the Forum of anti-fascist associations. In between there are obviously the Anpi and another myriad of acronyms: the intention seems to be to aim to create a sort of partisan international that not even Marx and Engels. But above all, listen here: they want to “spread knowledge of recent Italian history against any revisionist attempt and in defense of the autonomy of historical research”. No, sorry: but how can you defend “the autonomy of historical research” if you then point to some non-aligned historians as “revisionism”? What did you smoke? Cannabis from sardines?

– on Azeglio Ciampi the day after confirms what we said two days ago. That is to say that everyone at least once called him “Azelio”: even the Quirinale on its site, in fact, on one occasion messed up great

– the young FdI would like to donate the book of Meloni to the libraries of three schools. And immediately the left stiffens, not even forcing the students to read it. The volume would remain on the shelf, and whoever wanted it could borrow it. But no: since it is from Meloni, barricade immediately. I ask: have you ever wondered how many “political” books there are in Italian school libraries or does the problem arise only today?

– the national team wears white. Like the clerks of an ice cream shop. Maybe Mancini will also convene Renzi, who knows how to deal with cones made in the street

– a Danish journalist does a report in a swingers club and while interviewing one of the patrons she starts having sex. Obviously the live listeners intuit, and the controversy breaks out. However, it cannot be said that he did not seek the truth of the facts: the reportage is certainly done in the field

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